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Known as one of the premier world-class brands in South Korea, Shinsegae has begun construction on the nearly 145,000 square-meter Kimhae Center located in South Gyeongsang Province. Designed by Los Angeles-based architecture and urban design firm, The Jerde Partnership, the new center integrates outdoor culture and community spaces with five levels of retail and entertainment, along with major transportation facilities. As one of the largest multi-use retail centers in the province, Kimhae Center combines three major project components: an on-site bus terminal, which is directly connected to a Shinsegae shopping center that includes new-to-market tenants and intimate seven-screen cinema; and an adjacent E-Mart discount anchor. kimhae community parkThe bus terminal has completed construction, and pilings for the commercial center recently started. The center’s signature community spaces incorporate a large outdoor public park and entry plaza at street level, terracing café decks along the upper levels, and a rooftop Sky Park garden.

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Aligning design with corporate objectives for behavioural change http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/workplace/1782-aligning-design-with-corporate-objectives-for-behavioural-change http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/workplace/1782-aligning-design-with-corporate-objectives-for-behavioural-change

Effective design can assist in achieving corporate objectives through aligning cultural values and thereby influence behaviour

By Grahame Scannell

Over the last 10 years the design industry has matured more acutely than ever before and now understands how effective design influences behaviour. Using intelligent design we can offer true value to our clients, represent their brand and align cultural values to influence attitudes.diagram-change-management

A company’s real estate portfolio is most often the second largest expense after payroll and these assets are very powerful strategic tools when the workplace is designed to be a productive enabler to positively influence culture and productivity.  Understanding that all decisions are a result of an emotional response, we can extrapolate that, if we can influence how people respond to an environment, we can influence behaviour. In extension to this, accepting that culture drives behaviour, behaviour can enhance organizational performance.  It is for this reason that corporate culture must align with a company’s objectives & processes and that the workplace environments create the platform to enable its people to deliver on those corporate objectives.

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9 Conclusions on Technology's Influence on Workplace Strategy http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/workplace/1771-9-conclusions-on-technology-s-influence-on-workplace-strategy http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/workplace/1771-9-conclusions-on-technology-s-influence-on-workplace-strategy

At the beginning of April a group including myself and four other experts (See below or click here for more details) in workplace strategy and transformation in Asia gathered in panel discussion format to discuss the topic: Transforming the Corporate Real Estate strategy through the use of innovative technologies to gain and sustain competitiveness, optimize efficiencies and lower operating costs, as part of the Global Trade Development Week in Kuala Lumpur.workplace-tech-panel

The outcome of the discussion lead me to a few conclusions - each of which we will be expanding in in subsequent issues:

  1. Technology has and will continue to change the way people view the places in which they work irrespective of what initiatives (technological or otherwise) that the workplace strategists implement.]]> taroona.com@gmail.com (Super User) Featured Workplace Office Space Wed, 23 Apr 2014 04:55:57 +0000 HK Office Space unique or not? http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/workplace/1687-hk-office-space-unique-or-not http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/workplace/1687-hk-office-space-unique-or-not

    Office Space in Hong Kong  is still, like many other aspects of Hong Kong life strongly influenced by the shortage of land for property development. It is also inexorably connected to the health of the financial markets.  When banks are doing well so does the grade A office space and companies supplying to that market, when there are questions hanging over that market, as there are at present, the office space industry is similarly cautious.

    These topics and related issues were the subject of the 7th Asia Office Space Congress Hong Kong. which was opened by the ever insightful Peter Churchouse, Author – Asia Hard Assets Report, Portwood Capital.

    Office Space iN south China

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    Winners announced for the Outstanding Office Space Awards 2013 http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/workplace/1603-winners-announced-for-the-outstanding-office-space-awards-2013 http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/workplace/1603-winners-announced-for-the-outstanding-office-space-awards-2013

    RFP Magazine is delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural Outstanding Office Space Awards winners as determined at the Asia Office Space Congress. The awards were split into four categories and attracted thousands of votes from people around the world with the critical mass coming from Asia where the projects had been completed.Cushman and Wakefeild's project representative accepts their award


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    RFP Magazine Launches Awards for the most outstanding office space in Asia http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/workplace/1504-rfp-magazine-launches-awards-for-the-most-outstanding-office-space-in-asia http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/workplace/1504-rfp-magazine-launches-awards-for-the-most-outstanding-office-space-in-asia

    Nominate the space you think deserves an award for being simply a great space to work in at the RFP Outstanding Office Space Awards 2013!

    RFP is currently on the look out for inspiring, beautiful, functional, sustainable and efficient office spaces as part of its newly launched RFP Outstanding Office Space Awards Asia, where designers, owners and managers of great office projects – amongst others – can be recognised for their work in creating outstanding office spaces.

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    Construction Safety Programs Are Yielding Business Benefits for Firms http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/health-safety/1456-construction-safety-programs-are-yielding-business-benefits-for-firms http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/health-safety/1456-construction-safety-programs-are-yielding-business-benefits-for-firms

    Contractors are reporting business benefits from instituting strong safety programs, according to a new report by McGraw Hill Construction on safety management in the construction industry, available at http://analyticsstore.construction.com/market-trends/smartmarket-reports/safety-management-in-the-construction-industry-smartmarket-report-2013.html?sourcekey=SMRPRES.

    In particular, construction companies report the following benefits due to the implementation of safety management practices:

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    A Brighter Outlook for HK's Central in 2014 http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/real-estate/1677-a-brighter-outlook-for-hk-s-central-in-2014 http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/real-estate/1677-a-brighter-outlook-for-hk-s-central-in-2014

    The very nature of finance and banking, where companies implement hiring and firing policies in rapid response to prevailing market conditions, is a contributory factor to volatility in office markets. This is accentuated in Hong Kong by irregular supply patterns. As such, year-on-year rental growth oscillates within a +/- 10% band approximately 20% of the time in Hong Kong, compared to approximately 40% of the time in both London and New York.

    Given the nature of the Central office market, where banking and financial institutions account for 55% of Grade A office space, one can expect a greater level of rental volatility.

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    The New Office Model Takes Hold in Singapore, What About Hong Kong? http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/real-estate/1491-the-new-office-model-takes-hold-in-singapore-what-about-hong-kong http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/real-estate/1491-the-new-office-model-takes-hold-in-singapore-what-about-hong-kong

    The opening presentation at the Asia Office Space Congress in Singapore this year I spent about 10 minutes observing the reality of the changes in the way we work. Briefly, the result is a government enabled, industry supported acceptance of alternative workplaces.  Putting together the same presentation in Hong Kong, the picture is not so clear.

    A new way of looking at office space has emerged, we discovered, not when listening to the speakers at the last Asia Office Space Congress in Singapore, but when putting together the programme. Traditionally the Congress (now in its 8th year) was structured to mirror the way the industry and corporate real estate teams are structured. That is by viewing the real estate transaction or ‘deal’ as both the starting point and the aspect of primary importance in the business space decision making process.

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    C&W release 2013 first hald trends http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/real-estate/1482-c-w-release-2013-first-hald-trends http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/office-space/office-space-news/real-estate/1482-c-w-release-2013-first-hald-trends

    c&W first half trendsCushman & Wakefield released the first half of 2013 trends for the Hong Kong office and retail leasing markets and the outlook for the second half of the year.


    Improved leasing demand in Greater Central allows availability to drop; rental decline easing

    Core markets Greater Central and Wan Chai/Causeway Bay saw revived leasing activity in the second quarter and several banking and financial firms executed expansion plans. This, along with firm demand for Grade A space between 4,000 to 7,000 square feet, enabled the Greater Central office availability rate to register its first decline since the fourth quarter of 2011. Greater Central rents eased by another 1.5% during the first half and are likely to drop by an additional 3.5% in the second half of the year.

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    Hong Kong Green Building Council Launches Hong Kong Green Shop Guide http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/ecobuild/ecobuild-news/1745-hong-kong-green-building-council-launches-hong-kong-green-shop-guide http://www.rfpmagazine.com/index.php/ecobuild/ecobuild-news/1745-hong-kong-green-building-council-launches-hong-kong-green-shop-guide

    the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) today held a press launch cum exhibition to announce the launch of the Hong Kong Green Shop Guide (the Guide), a new set of guidelines to inform retail stakeholders, including developers, facility managers, mall and shop owners and tenants, as well as consumers, of industry standards on sustainable planning and building. The Guide aims at encouraging the sector to pursue green building measures and eco-friendly purchasing habits among the general public.

    Municipal solid waste management is one of the latest environmental issues to hit the headlines. Some shopping malls and shops have accelerated efforts to reduce waste, while implementing energy and environmental improvement measures such as recycling and reuse as well as introducing green technology to treat waste, including food waste. Shopping is an integral part of Hong Kong life. If the retail industry demonstrates its commitment to waste reduction and saving energy, it will significantly ease the burden on landfills and result in a considerable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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