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Another Nine Private Estates To Be Upgraded At $20 Mil

The Ministry of National Development (MND) will set aside $20 million to upgrade another 9 private estates under its Estate Upgrading Programme (EUP).

Since 2000, MND has spent $167 million under its EUP to upgrade 8 batches of older private estates in Singapore. The EUP aims to enhance the physical condition and living environment in these older estates to better cater to the residents’ needs. The upgrading works include: providing footpath lighting/safety railings to enhance the estates’ safety and security, covering drains to create footpaths, creating barrier free access (e.g. ramp), improving the estates’ landscaping and parks, and enhancing the estate identity. See Annex for examples of improvement works carried out under EUP.

To-date, the EUP has benefited more than 41,800 households in 54 private estates. For the upcoming Batch 9 of the EUP, MND has selected 9 estates for upgrading at an estimated cost of $20 million (see Table). These estates were developed more than 30 years ago. More than 4,800 households will benefit from the improved facilities when the work items are planned and constructed in 3 to 4 years’ time.

PR Table

Prior to the implementation of the EUP project, the Neighbourhood Committees or the Citizens’ Consultative Committees will conduct surveys and/or dialogues with the residents to gather their views and ideas on the upgrading works. Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman, Chairman of the Estate Upgrading Programme Committee, and Minister of State for National Development and Defence said, “I am heartened by the success of the Estate Upgrading Programme thus far. This is truly a collaborative effort, with residents taking ownership and playing an active role in deciding what improvements they hope to see in their estates to make the living environment better for all.”

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