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Thursday 20 December 2012: As 2012 draws to a close, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) celebrates its most successful year, with 145 Green Star projects certified.

“The Green Building Council of Australia has increased its rate of Green Star certification by 43 per cent on 2011 - a clear indication that the market is rapidly shifting to sustainable design and construction, and values the independent verification that Green Star provides,” says Chief Executive, Romilly Madew.

A number of new green leaders have emerged over the course of the year, and the GBCA has chosen four shining stars of Green Star for 2012:

Government leadership
The Queensland Government Department of Education and Training achieved Green Star ratings for four of its new state schools in 2012. The Murrumba State Secondary College, and the Augusta, Woodlinks and Coomera Rivers State Schools were all awarded 4 Star Green Star - Education As Built v1 ratings, signifying ‘Best Practice’.

“The Queensland Government has recognised that Green Star is the method of measurement to demonstrate accountability, financial responsibility and transparency, and ensure its buildings and communities are truly sustainable,” Ms Madew says.

Industrial leadership
While the industrial market is still mostly grey, rather than green, Goodman Group sees that a Green Star rating equates to a future-proofed investment. “Goodman Group demonstrated its green leadership with a number of Green Star ratings in 2012, including the first Green Star - Industrial As Built v1 rating for a distribution centre,” Ms Madew says.

Investment leadership
When ISPT first sought Green Star certification in 2006, the business case for green building was only just beginning to take shape. “For many, sustainability spelled risk, and only the true leaders were certifying at all, much less taking a portfolio approach to Green Star. Green building investment has proved a winning formula for IPST, as evidenced by the 14 Green Star certifications achieved to date across the commercial office and retail sectors,” Ms Madew says, adding that ISPT achieved five ratings under Green Star in 2012 for projects including commercial offices and retail developments.

Development leadership
Stockland has maintained a long-term commitment to Green Star, and achieved the highest number of Green Star ratings in 2012, with eight certifications. Projects included the first retirement living clubhouse, Affinity Village in WA, as well a number of commercial offices and retail developments.
“Stockland has also worked with the Green Building Council of Australia to develop Australia’s first Green Star rating tool for retirement living developments, and plans to achieve Green Star ratings for retirement villages in 2013 and beyond,” Ms Madew concludes.

About the Green Building Council of Australia
The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is Australia’s leading authority on green buildings and communities. The GBCA was established in 2002 to develop a sustainable property industry in Australia and drive the adoption of green building practices. The GBCA has 700 member companies who work together to support the Council and its activities. The GBCA promotes green building programs, technologies, design practices and processes, and operates Australia’s only national voluntary comprehensive environmental rating system for buildings - Green Star. See: www.gbca.org.au
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